Hello and welcome!

I am Margaux, founder and writer of A Blue World (Un Monde Bleu) blog. 

If you came across this page for the first time, here are some explanations about the project and the aim of this journey. 


What is a blue world?

A Blue World charity was created to show the different integration solutions for people on the spectrum throughout the world. 


There will not be any judgement, this initiative is an exploration of innovative and positive solutions. The aim is not to criticize the actual methods but to show the diversity and plurality of integration models across the world. 


This blog is also a communication and information tool on autism, which is such a large and misunderstood spectrum. 


Of course, as this is also a trip around the world, the discoveries I will make will not all be centered on the topic of autism. I will share with you the curiosities and joys of each country I visit. 


Let’s stay in touch!

If this project sounds interesting to you, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, where photos and articles will frequently be published. 

Of course, I am open to comments and suggestions to improve and carry out this project as best as possible. You can contact me via this blog or on the project’s Facebook page. 

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