October 10, 2017

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Papé Papoul, les délices de l'Aveyron aux service de l'inclusion professionnelle

February 22, 2018

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Welcome to A Blue World blog! 


This project was created to show the different integration solutions for people with autism throughout the world. 


Autism is still widely stigmatized, made fun of and isolated, in France and in most countries. However, despite worrying school rates and shocking levels of unemployment, beautiful initiatives can be found all over the world. 


The Blue World project wishes to shed light on these initiatives and widely share them.


This interface will allow to exchange on the topic of autism and to tell you about the most important steps of the project. Its second objective is also to share with you the marvelous things this trip will bring. 


The first step is to offer you to take part in this adventure thanks to your own testimonies or by telling me about entities/events/charities/NGOs/people you believe should be part of the project. 


You can contact me via this blog, on Facebook and on Instagram. I will quickly and happily get back to you and add you to the Blue World’s map. 


Why blue? 


Blue is recognized as the symbolic color of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It originally comes from the American charity AUTISM SPEAKS, which launched the “Light It Blue” operation. The objective was to alert the public to autism by lighting up important monuments in blue, all over the world. Today, during the World Autism Awareness Day, in April, people wishing to show their support or advocate for the cause dress up in blue. 




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